So many diets, so many rules…all touting rapid weight loss. It’s hard to know what really works.

You want to know the secret? Eat real food. Sounds too easy right?

It’s not.

Below is a list of THE MOST IMPORTANT and yet THE SIMPLEST rules to improve your health, lose weight, and become a fitter, more fulfilled you! Some are RIGID RULES, not to be broken, others are good guidelines for healthy living.

(If you’re a rule breaker, don’t think of them a rules, but as recommendations)


Move Everyday                                                                                                             

Eat a fruit and vegetable at every meal           

Stop Making Excuses                        

Don’t Skip Meals        

 Would I Eat an Apple? 


Eat clean protein

Know what you are eating 



Add Greens and Clean Protein to Everything

Learn to Like Some Foods You Don’t

 Portion Control

 Slow Down

Bring it With you

 Order Smart

Sitting is the New Smoking

Keep Healthy Foods in Stock 

Get Outside

Brown is Better

Freeze Everything

 The Plate Rule   

Don’t Buy it and You Won’t Eat it

Surround Yourself with Healthy People

Enjoy Your Splurge

5 Best things you can do for your body

5 Ways to Travel Smart

Think First

Meet other Proteins

Get it out

Add Activity

Be Good When You Can

Be a Food Detective

Schedule Time to Unwind

Rescue Food


  1. I love this. Your blog has me re-inspired. This chick is on a mission! Changing my eating and doing some P90X (again)! Im going on vacation in 8 weeks, I want to loose as much weight as I can, and get more athletic in the process! Wish me luck!

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