These are explorations of my struggles with food, sugar addiction or just things that bother me….

Dirty Dozen

The Clean 15

When I am good, I am very very good, but when I am bad I am horrid

Practice the Positive

Kids and Vegetables

Cheese and Chocolate

Sugar is Crack

Darwinsim or Gluttonism?

Food is Everywhere

Once Bitten

Ballerina Arms

I have a problem people!

Obese Kids

Don’t Be Fooled

Happy Plates

Psychological Tricks

American Dairy

Big Bags o’ Candy

No Excuses Video

5 Healthy Tips

Fa La La Lardo

Enjoy Your Splurge

 What Are You Doing?

Get Better Sleep

Read Labels and Ingredients

Food Addiction

Wants and Needs

Why Buy Local?

Airplane Seats

Will Power

GBOMBS Fight Cancer

A What-a-tarian?

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Packaged Meals/Frozen Dinners

ANDI Scores

Why Simplify?

Study Abroad

Fake Food and Sneaky Ingredients

Yank the Reigns

Got Love?

Eating Yourself Sick

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