RANT: Give a Little Thought

balloonsFor those of you who celebrate Valentines Day, or feel the need to recognize your loved one with something sweet, this year consider something other than the the trite box o’ chocolates. Don’t get me wrong, I like real chocolate as much as the next addict, but most of what’s being peddled this time of year ain’t really chocolate (it’s milkfats, additives and sugar with chocolate flavoring).

My favorite idea for a Valentine’s gift EVER was conceived by my very clever best friend, Kelly, when we were in high school.  I decided I was going to fill my boyfriend’s jeep with red and white balloons, so she and I drove out to his house Feb 13th, while he was sleeping, way out in the country only to find a locked jeep in his driveway.  I ended up breaking his car door trying to get those things in, which I ultimately did. I got pulled on the way home by a sheriff because I had a head light out, and my boy friend was late to his morning basketball practice because his jeep door was broken and he had to clear all the balloons out of his car before he could drive it.

Kelly, on the other hand, gave her boyfriend a gift for each of the senses.  A framed photo for his eyes, Drakar collogne (or was it Cool Water?) for his smell, a CD for listening, I can’t remember touch, maybe a massager?, and she probably did include a heart-shaped red metallic box of candy for taste….but I’m sure that was because he really special!

So get creative. And take the “eat” out of V-l-n-ine’s Day!