RANT: Your Kids Will Eat What You Do

If you’ve ever had a 12 month old, you know they want what you have.  They want your phone, your keys, your coffee.  The same is true at meal time.  If you’re eating chips, they’ll want chips.  If you’re eating salad, they are 100% more likely to explore the texture of your salad, than if they’ve never seen you eating greens.

I’m not saying broccoli will be their favorite food –especially if they’ve already had ice cream. But, I am saying if you’re eating healthy foods, they’re more likely to grow up eating healthy foods.


When feeding your kids, the two most important things to remember are:

  1. KEEP TRYING. Kids may spit out tomatoes the first 9 times they try them.  But if you don’t keep trying, they’ll never get the nutrition their little brains and bodies need.  It takes 10-20 exposures to adjust taste. (This is true for adults too!)  Often it’s the texture, not the taste, they are repelled by.  Seeing healthy foods over and over, makes them more familiar. And familiar = comfort. Just keep trying!
  2. PACKAGED FOOD is devoid of nutrition and packed with harmful chemicals!  Packaged foods are made (in a factory) in mass to make money — not insure our kids’ health.  Food additives are linked to hyperactivity, tooth decay, childhood diabetes, obesity, learning disabilities, problems concentrating and depression. So do yourself and your kids a favor, make eating REAL foods a part of your family’s daily life.


Remember, your kids eat what you do. So eat how you should. Lots of plants, limit packages!

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Pie Cups

Sweet potatoe Pie Cups

My new fave dessert.

The picture isn’t sexy, but these little dishes of delish will comfort you and make your house smell like heaven.

This year I’m skipping the pumpkin and pecan pie and whipping up these healthy hybrids!


Preheat oven to 375

Wash 3 small sweet potatoes.

Stab each 3-4 times with a fork.

Place potatoes in the oven on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Cook for 30 minutes, or until taters are soft. Like really soft.

Scoop out 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil and put in to a small glass mixing bowl.

Add 1 tsp of cinnamon (I actually prefer Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice. Yum)

Once potatoes are soft, peel off skins and place peeled taters into glass bowl with other ingredients.

Mix thoroughly. Scoop out mixture into small serving bowls and crumble (toasted) pecans atop.

So simple. So scrumptious.

Thankful for life, love and pumpkin spice!