Whether you’re fighting Father Time and the nasolabial folds he bestows or trying to prevent the awkward “you-missed-a-spot-Gorbachev-birthmark-burn”, choosing the right sunscreen can be diffy!  Do I need a Sun Block or a Sun Screen? And what’s the difference? Do I care about UVA or UVB rays? And what’s the deal with nano-particles?

Here’s the dumbed down nitty gritty, what you need to know, Sunscreen 101:

Block vs Screen: If you don’t want cancer, a sunburn or crows feet, you want a BLOCK. Only 2 ingredients acutally block the suns rays: Zinc and Titanium Dioxide. And Zinc is better at it. All the others (Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Homosalate, Octyl Salicylate, etc) are garbage, harmful and simply ‘screen’ not block and only UVB rays….which brings us to:


UVA vs UVB: Think A = Aging (UVA rays age you) Think B = Burn (UVB Rays Burn you). Sunscreen (not sunblock) only stops UVB rays, so you don’t catch a burn, BUT you’re still subject to wrinkles, oh and Cancer. Both UVA AND UVB rays can contribute to cancer.  But then, so can several of the chemicals in sunscreens… Which brings us to:

Nanoparticles vs non-nano.  A nano particle is really, really really small. Studies show nano-particle sized zinc oxide, commonly found in cosmetics and sunscreens, can get ‘up-in’ human cells and cause cancer, nerve damage and brain damage. So there’s that. Opt for non-nano zinc please. Especially when lathering up yo’ chillins and babies.

sunscreen Non nano

There’s a lot more to pay attention to regarding the inactive ingredients, many of which are toxic, though they tout they are safe for babies (example: Neutrogena PURE & FREE BABY contains a preservative called methylisothiazolinone deemed unsafe by our friends in Europe) Thankfully many products are eliminating Pthaltes, parabens, and PABA)


Best: avoid sun

Next best: Hats, Sunnies, Umbrellas and Clothing, but if you don’t wanna look like Nicole Kidman at the beach Lather up! Use ZINC! but NON-NANO Zinc.

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