RECIPE: Your New Favorite Pasta Salad

I’ve spent a lifetime sampling various offerings on buffets, smorgasbords, picnics and potlucks.  Never have I left raving about a pasta salad.  There is an orzo salad with basil, tomato and feta I can get down on, but this pasta salad is far better!  Healthy, simple and colorful, what more could you want?  Oh, yeah it’s low carb, paleo-friendly, and gluten*, dairy and egg-free. Boom.

In an large bowl combine:

6 -12 oz of cooked and shelled edamame

1/4-1/2 cup sliced sun-dried tomatoes

4 – 6 sliced mushrooms, raw

1-2 cups pasta of choice (black bean rigatoni and red lentil pasta pictured here)

1/3 – 1/2 cup Annie’s Shiitake mushroom dressing* (uses soy sauce that has wheat)

Optional dash of red pepper flakes

pasta salad

*If going gluten-free, instead of pre-made dressing use the following:

1/4 cup olive oil and / or combo sesame oil

4-5 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

4-5 Tbsp Tamari soy sauce

2 dashes of sea salt

1/2 tsp minced garlic or garlic powder


RECIPE: Gorgeous Fruit Salad

When my husband and I lived / worked in New Zealand, we thought it funny when the Kiwi’s described their foods, especially desserts, as “gorgeous”.  We’d only used that term to describe appearance, not taste. Well world, have I got a gorgeous (looking and testing) simple, summer salad for you!  Bring it to any and all social gatherings!  It will be the most beautiful dish at the soiree.  If you want to keep it local and seasonal, swap strawberries for apples (which are technically a fall / winter fruit, but because we’re Americans, we eat fruit from any season all year long)

(Side RANT: Apples are on the Dirty Dozen, meaning they are one of the most heavily sprayed-with-pesticides fruit available–so buy the organic ones, especially if you are feeding kids.

DDT, you know that pesticide they sprayed on fruit, that was banned in the USA in the 1970’s because all the birds were dying? Guess who the world’s largest exporter of DDT is? Yep, ‘Merica. We sell it to other countries, who then spray it on their crops, then sell those crops back to us, with heaping doses of toxic chemicals. And we all wonder why cancer, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s in on the rise?)

kiwi salad

In a bowl combine the following:

1 quart of strawberries, sliced OR 3 fuji apples, cubed with lemon juice

1 pint organic blueberries

2 kiwi fruit peeled and sliced