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RECIPE: Rockin Turkey Left Overs

I’ve never needed a special day to over eat. Historically I’ve done that day in and out.

Fortunately, now my gluttony now wears a bridal, and unless it’s 9pm and there’re warm, fresh baked goods, I’m able to pull the reigns.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that

A) I’m healthier and happier then last year, that

B) I don’t have to cook a turkey and

C) If someone offers me leftovers, I’ve got this recipe from The Week magazine to turn the “3rd white” meat into something I actually want to eat.

See below!


3 comments on “RECIPE: Rockin Turkey Left Overs

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor
    November 23, 2016

    Heck—I don’t know what achiote paste is!

    • rantsrulesandrecipes
      November 23, 2016

      Ha! Right?

      I’m terrible, I just omit ingredients I don’t have!

      And it’s still better than what I would’ve made!


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