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RECIPE: Making Mocktails

Mocktaillimone2Summertime.  Camping, Boating, Beaching and BBQing.

It’s hard not to over indulge as your social calendar cranks up (and your responsibilities wind down).  I could easily end up over-indulging ever night of the week, if I’m not careful. I’m often told, “You’re on vacation”. Which I find exceedingly annoying, because as it turns out, every weekend of summer is vacation.  And every summer I seem to swell!

A client and I were discussing this conundrum, which subsequently inspired my mocktail making.  What is a mocktail you ask? It’s a alcohol-free beverage that is still super fun to drink.  Many mocktails are made with syrups and sugars and other headache-causing ingredients that can still leave you feeling lousy the next day.

I wanted my mocktail simple and both chemical and sweetner-free.  I used a lemon lime La Croix as the base. (Can someone please give me the correct pronunciation on these!? Is it La “quwaah”? Or La “croy”? or some other Alex Trebek pronunciation I haven’t considered)

Give this a go, or make your own and share here!


4 oz ice-chilled lemon lime La Croix (or pour over ice)

1/4 lemon juice and pulp

1/4 lime juice

1 ginger shaving

ALWAYS serve a mocktail in a fun glass with a garnish.

Mocktails. They’re not just for pregnant women.

One comment on “RECIPE: Making Mocktails

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor
    July 19, 2016

    Oooo! This sounds really good!

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