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RECIPE: Simple Sating Yogurt Meal

Need an easy go to recipe for breakfast or something to sate the sweet tooth after dinner? Give this yummy concoction a go.  Use a coffee mug instead of a bowl to keep portion size reasonable.

Yogurt and Berries

I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s Organic European Style Whole Milk Yogurt. Yes, it’s got a high fat content, but it’s made with hormone-free, antibiotic-free milk and is about as creamy and delicious as you can get in a plain yogurt. Add berries, chopped organic apples and nuts and seeds to boost the flavor and nutrition. Try just yogurt or add cinnamon and local honey if you need a sweet treat that tackles allergies too*.

Skip the low-fat yogurts, they won’t keep you full and have loads of added sugar or cancer-causing artificial sweeteners to make up for removing the fat.  Flavored yogurts are filled with sugar and syrups. Better you make your own flavor by adding the fruit of your choice that is in season and delivers the nutrients your body needs.

This simple dish makes a fantastic breakfast, snack or dessert for you and your kids.  Remember, your kids eat what you do. So eat how you should. Lots of plants, limit packages!


*many people find dairy actually causes or exacerbates allergy symptoms, so consider a almond or hemp milk and chia seeds in lieu of yogurt if you find this is true for you!


One comment on “RECIPE: Simple Sating Yogurt Meal

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor
    June 8, 2016

    My kids like this a lot. But we don’t have a Trader Joe so either I make it or I just found something that is barely suitable (“Mom, you’re soooo picky.”).

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