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RANT: Let’s Talk Libido Part I

Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

What is libido? It’s your sex drive. Your eagerness to mate. Your desire to engage in sex.

Does talking about sex drive make you uncomfortable? Have you felt you never were as interested in sex as others? Were you taught that sex was a private thing? Shameful?  Do you feel LESS sexual than you have in the past?

The are gobs of reasons your libido may be low.  Some may be physical. Some may be emotional or psychological.


Quick Break down:

Common physical reasons you may not want to “mount up” include:

Various medical conditions, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.  Getting your erogenous zones going requires blood flow and if you suffer from a medical condition, like cardiovascular disease, that prohibits healthy flow of blood cells through the vessels, well, your sex parts just won’t function as well.  (BTW this is how Viagra and Levitra and Cialis work; they help dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow to your sexy organs.  An erection is just a blood filled penis, after all.  Ladies, your pink parts get engorged during sex as well.)

Hormonal issues like low testosterone and menopause, are other reasons for low pep in the bedroom.  Some folks get success with testosterone or estrogen supplementation, but as with all medications, side effects abound.

Stress and not enough sleep (HELLO?! can you relate?) is a rampant cause of decreased libido.  When you’re tuckered out you don’t wanna be _uckered out, know what I mean?

Vitamin deficiency is another libido crusher.  If you aren’t eating a diet rich in bioavailable minerals and nutrients, you’re likely to be as ‘dry as chip’.

Too little or to much exercise can zap your urges.  So can drugs (recreational and prescription) and alcohol. Ain’t nuthin’ sexy about a slurring, swaying, somebody on the verge of vomiting.  And let’s be honest, there’s fun to be had while partying, but some of your worst sexual decisions were made while under the influence. Am I right?

Kinda veering off topic there, but just looking out for your well-being.

Matter a’ fact, speaking of well being, the better you are to your body (proper sleep, low stress, moderate exercise, healthful diet, skipping the substance abuse) the more likely you won’t have a physical or medical cause for feeling way-less-than-randy!  So be good to your body.

We’ll dig deeper into emotional reasons for decreased libido in Part II, Stay tuned.

Happy to help those of you who struggle with libido through my Well&Balanced Health program.  Contact me at: wellandbalanced@gmail.com.




One comment on “RANT: Let’s Talk Libido Part I

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor
    May 18, 2016

    Way to put it out there!

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