RANT: Catch Some ZZZzzzzz’s

Ever noticed how many coffee shops there are? Why do you think that is?

Because none of us get enough sleep!

“Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Clever, except that sleep is essential for brain rest Sleep is when the body heals and repairs itself.

All kinds of junk assaults your system: polluted air, chemicals in our food, a heavy night of partying, your jerk-hole boss…these stressors pile up and cause damage to your DNA (also known as CANCER)

There are damaged cancerous cells in your body right now! Yeah, you heard me, but the good news is, your body is a fine-tuned machine that heals itself. And when you are good to your bod, it repairs damaged DNA pretty, gosh darn well. But when you are stressing the system and not allowing time for repair…well…let’s just say you’re making it hard to dodge the big-bad-illness bullet.



Besides, when you are under-slept and over caffeinated,  life becomes a constant rush from one place or project to the next.  Years go by and you can’t remember any of the details.  It’s a blur of faces and events. That’s not the best version of how it could be.

So do yourself a solid and get 8 hours of sleep, mmkay?

Nite nite




*picture borrowed from help guide.org

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Madeleine Vanstory attended Duke University and began her post-graduate journey at The Elaine Clark Center working with special needs children. She went on to work as a Clinical Research Scientist running clinical trials for the CDC and developing medical devices for Welsh Allen, Abbot Labs, Roche and Johnson & Jonhson Her work included non-invansive cervical cancer detection, continuous diabetic glucose monitoring, non-harmful infant bilirubin level detection and studying Vitamin C's anti-aging effects on the skin. Madeleine attended Medical school at The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University and completed a residency in Family Medicine at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro NC. Dr. Madeleine Vanstory is a board certified Family Physician who has practiced all over the world. She has lead medical missions in Kenya and Honduras. She has participated with Operation Smile in Russia, she has patients in North Carolina, Maine, Oregon and New Zealand. Dr. Vanstory has worked the medical tents in the Marine Corps marathon in Washington DC and at the Kona Ironman World Championships. And Dr. Vanstory has marched with the Surgeon General promoting "Exercise is Medicine" at the World Congress Sports Medicine Conference. Disillusioned by the current health care system and armed with the realization that culture, nutrition and emotional well-being have a profound impact on health, Dr. Vanstory now motivates clients and patients to discover the healthiest versions of themselves through humor, counseling in her "Upgrade Your Health" Wellness Program.

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