RULE: Crowd Out


If you’re like me, forcing myself to eat salads or fish, results in me NOT wanting salads and fish. (And then my eating lots of other things I enjoy because I’d felt I’d been depriving myself of them.)  Opting to eat something “because I know I should” robs you of the delicious meal experience.  Sound strange?

It’s like if your mom sets you up on a date with someone who could actually be quite fantastic, but because your mom suggested it, the guy has about the same chance as me becoming the starting center for the Trail Blazers.

But when you opt to eat something because you FEEL GOOD when you eat it, or because you know the ingredients make you look younger and sleep better, it gets a little easier.  And if you allow yourself to have what you really want (maybe it’s ranch dressing on the salad or butter on the broccoli) it’s all the more in enjoyable.

So, please don’t deprive yourself.  Just ADD healthy items to your plate.  A little wild-caught fish here, some extra greens there.  Sub quinoa for rice, and olive oil and lemon for dressing and OVER time you’ll CROWD OUT the “junk” for clean, good, cancer-kicking, weight-blasting foods. Because YOU WANT to, not because you have to.

RECIPE: Raccoon Eyes

You’ve heard of “Ants on a Log”?  Well now you can add these, silly, tasty treats to your nutritious but fun snack repertoire.  Raccoon eyes are a healthy dessert for you or your kiddos!  Simple to make and yummy to eat.

[Insert joke about a “not-so-blind-date” here]

Racoon Eyes


Medjool Dates, pitted and halved

Almond or peanut butter

Chocolate Chips


Select 3-10 Medjool dates, cut them in half, remove pits.

Smear nut butter onto each half.

Place chocolate chip or nut or seed on top.


If you have an aversion to raccoons, make it a pinwheel!

Racoon Eye 2


RECIPE: Mexican Quiche Cups

Want a speedy, spicy, savory breakfast that’ll keep you full all morning long?

Whip these Mexi-Cups!  Recipe makes 6 so you can start your morning right all week long!

Quiche Cup


6 eggs from Farm raised, cage-free, hormone-free chickens

3 Tbsp filtered water

1/4 onion, chopped

1 handful of arugula, chopped

18 grape tomatoes, chopped

parmesan cheese  (optional)

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste


1.Preheat Oven to 375

2. Whisk eggs together with water

3. Add onions, tomatoes, arugula, cheese and salt and pepper

4. Pour in to silicone muffin pan, which makes 6 muffins

5. Bake on 375 for ~ 15 minutes

6. Let cool

7. Drizzle with salsa atop a bed of greens

Quiche Cup2Reeeeeeba! Reeeeeba!

RANT: Catch Some ZZZzzzzz’s

Ever noticed how many coffee shops there are? Why do you think that is?

Because none of us get enough sleep!

“Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Clever, except that sleep is essential for brain rest Sleep is when the body heals and repairs itself.

All kinds of junk assaults your system: polluted air, chemicals in our food, a heavy night of partying, your jerk-hole boss…these stressors pile up and cause damage to your DNA (also known as CANCER)

There are damaged cancerous cells in your body right now! Yeah, you heard me, but the good news is, your body is a fine-tuned machine that heals itself. And when you are good to your bod, it repairs damaged DNA pretty, gosh darn well. But when you are stressing the system and not allowing time for repair…well…let’s just say you’re making it hard to dodge the big-bad-illness bullet.



Besides, when you are under-slept and over caffeinated,  life becomes a constant rush from one place or project to the next.  Years go by and you can’t remember any of the details.  It’s a blur of faces and events. That’s not the best version of how it could be.

So do yourself a solid and get 8 hours of sleep, mmkay?

Nite nite




*picture borrowed from help