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An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: Your Super Bowl Strategy

Veggie Tray

Once you determine the point spread, what’ll be on your Super Bowl food spread?

As we watch some of the best commercials of the year, a stellar halftime musical extravaganza, oh yeah, and the Panthers beat the Broncos, our country will consume thousands of pounds of hot cheese and mayonnaise.  But perhaps this year you’ll trade your usual buffet playbook for a plate that will actually improve your ‘health game’ and not hinder it!

For those of you who like sports, but want to look and function more like an athlete and less like a doughy sports fan, let me coach you through some smorgasbord strategies.

  1. Make your “first down”, something plant based.  Fill up on veggies not cheesy goo and chips.
  2.  Super Healthy Bonus Play: Can you skip the ranch dip and dip your veggie stick in humus, guac or salsa instead?
  3. If you’re already a pro at keeping your healthy choices inbounds during aggressive gluttonous gatherings, go raw, naked vegetable. No dip.
  4. Have a back up play: If you fear your host won’t provide REAL food (ahem, chips, though technically made from potatoes or corn, are not actually REAL food). Bring your own Yummy Salad: Simple Farro Salad  Asian Slaw  Kale and Quinoa Salad
  5. Lastly, consider noshing on your favorite meal prior to the Super Bowl soiree, so you don’t show up to the big game starving. It’s waaaaay harder to make smart food plays when you’re famished!


Additional Coaching Information:

What you dip your veggies in that can be alarming!  Most dips -ranch, blue cheese, even humus- have food additives, artificial flavorings, and preservatives (which can cause birth defects, infertility, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and more) that we unkowningly consume, thinking we’re making a healthy choice.  To be fair, there are WAY MORE of those chemicals in processed foods, so you’re better off going with humus. BUT check the labels, look food only food ingredients, not unpronounceable chemicals. Your cells will thank you.

So hopefully your veggie tray is missing the chemicals found in most foods. Make your own dips, shop Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or shop smarter (read labels) at conventional grocery stores!


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