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RECIPE: Blueberry, Banana and Spinach Smoothie

BLueBerry SPinach and banana

You tired of smoothie recipes yet?

“Not even close, BUD!” (Read it like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club)

I’m telling you: GREENS. They’re the most nutritionally dense food out there. They help heal your cells! So eat ’em! Every meal.

A spinach smoothie is the easiest way to get you and your family to “uh, get your green on” (read like Missy Elliot “Get your freak on”).

So, “Do it” (Read it like Ben Stiller in Starsky & Hutch)

When Bananas start to threaten ‘rot-age’, peel them, but keep them wrapped in their skins, and throw them in the freezer.  Then  pop a frozen banana (skinless) in to your smoothie, instead of ice to make it cold. Bananas are a healthier way to sweeten your smoothie, because they have 12% of your daily fiber, and tons of vitamin B6 and manganese. Yes they have potassium too, but not as much potassium as….wait for it….can you guess…GREENS!

In a vitamix or blender of choice combine the following INGREDIENTS:

1 frozen banana (1/2 a ‘nanner if you’re not so sweet)

1/4-1/2 frozen or fresh organic blueberries

1 cup organic spinach

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup filtered water

4 dashes of cinnamon

1 tsp maca powder (optional)

Enjoy! and don’t forget to share! with kids and babies and neighbors, officemates, an all!

2 comments on “RECIPE: Blueberry, Banana and Spinach Smoothie

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor
    August 26, 2015

    I only use 1/8 blueberry. (Wink. 🙂 ) And I absolutely share with my baby. She loves it! She runs over when she hears the blender going. It’s SO cute! Love the introduction here! Can hear all the voices!

    • rantsrulesandrecipes
      August 26, 2015

      Good point, to make the blueberries last a little longer!
      Love picturing your little one scoot towards the blender!
      We used to say “loud noise….shzzzuuurrrr” before starting ours, so as not to alarm her, now she smiles a the blender’s whirl!

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