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RECIPE: Curry Egg Salad

OK, I’ve got to give a “shout out” to my “other mother”, Karen, on this one, because I’ve always LOVED Egg Salad, but never in my egg salad experiences had I tasted the deliciousness of a CURRY egg salad.  Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! She uses mayo, but I subbed plain greek yogurt for mayo here, not because mayo itself is bad, but because a lot of mayo nowadays has EDTA in it, which is made from a known carcinogen (put plainly: that junk causes cancer y’all!).  EDTA is actually in a lot of things, from shampoos and lotions to cereals and crackers. (Yuck!) But the recipe tastes better with mayo, so find a chemical-free kind. eggs INGREDIENTS:

8 peeled hard-boiled eggs (get the free of antibiotics, hormones, and cage-free kind, they taste better and don’t cause your cells to go all cancerous on ya’)
1/2 cup all-natural mayonnaise OR plain Greek yogurt (your choice, or a combo of both?)
1/4 cup chopped onion OR chopped celery (your choice, or try both?)
2 tsp Dijon mustard (some folks used plain ole’ yellow mustard too)
2 dashes hot sauce 
1/2 Tbsp curry (Trust me, this is what makes it good! You can use more if your eager)
sea salt & ground pepper to taste
eggs hard boiled
Boil Eggs for ~ 10 minutes (they should float when they are done)
Then strain and put in to ice-cold water for 5 minutes.
Once eggs have cooled, tap side of each egg on a hard surface and roll the egg to gently crack shell.
Peel off all shells and then rinse eggs to make sure there are no residual pieces of shell.
Chop eggs and place in to medium-sized boil.
Add the remainder of the ingredients and stir.
Store in fridge.
Serve on toast, with crackers, or wrapped in a lettuce leaf.
egg salad

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