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RECIPE: Crock Pot Stew

The crock pot is under celebrated.  I always thought crock pots were kinda “country”, but now I’ve seen the light.  Throw in your ingredients and walk away.  Come back 4-5 hours later and poof: Dinner for 8!  What’s not to love, y’all?

This easy, hearty stew is so simple, your boss could make it.

crockpot masala ingred

It’s hardy, healthy and filling, and makes enough for the whole family!

In your crock pot combine:

6 c water

1 c wild rice

1 c quinoa or bulgur

1 can chick peas, strained

1 jar Trader Joe’s* masala sauce — see above, if you don’t have TJ’s choose a spicy sauce of some sort; you could sub marina if you aren’t in to Indian food (but that’d be BORING!)

1 onion chopped

1-2 tbsp salt, or just salt to taste afterward

Serves 6-8 people.

You could add chicken, pork or beef to make it even more proteinaceous!

crockpot masala

Cook for 4-6 hours on low/med, until thick, not runny

Serve atop greens (spinach pictured here) and add salt, pepper, thyme or spices of your choice

My husband eats his with chips and hot sauce (and no thyme)

*I ‘might should’ buy stock in Trader Joe’s because the majority of my simple, cheap, easy recipes are made with their inexpensive, all-natural, additive and chemical free products

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