Rants, Rules & Recipes

An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: Breaking Bad Habits

“Choose a quit date. It can be a significant day, like a birthday or anniversary or hold no significance at all.  Start cutting back between now and then, and determine what you will do instead of smoking when you get stressed or want a cigarette”

That’s what I tell patients who are contemplating ‘smoking cessation’ (as we call it in the medical biz).

But how effective is that? If I employ the same advice with ‘sugar cessation’ or ‘dessert cessation’ would I be successful?

Could I quit?

Eight Ball says: “Not Likely”

I know it is highly unrealistic for me to never eat a dessert again.  Or to never drink a beer again.  So why would I expect a smoker to be anymore optimistic?

reaching for cake
(photo from culinarykicks.blogspot.com)

What could I do instead of snarfing down the beer and pizza that will inevitably be ordered during gatherings, football games, etc without feeling like a total social outcast?

When someone offers a cookie or cake or my Achilles heal: ICE CREAM, how do I decline without feeling like I’m missing out?

And how do I get through the holiday season not only trying not to over-indulge, but to trim down and eat healthfully to boot?!?

Sounds Daunting.

I do have patients, that quit smoking “cold turkey”, despite numerous failed attempts in the past.  Could I do the same?

Could I be successful this new year? And what foods are off-limits? Sugar? Wheat? Dairy? Meat?

There are no patches, inhalers or pills to assist me.

So how will I do it?

Here’s my list of things I will do instead of over-eating:

Eat something healthy instead (Duh)

Drink water

Make Tea

Take a lap (i.e. walk away from the apps)

Strike up Convo (distraction is key)

Chew Glee

Breath deeply

Read something

So, what bad habits do you hope to break this upcoming year?  And how will you break them?

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