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An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

Elimination Diet

If you suffer from allergies, migraines, stomach issues, skin disorders, or fatigue, consider an elimination diet.

Ideally you eliminate all products with synthetic ingredients from your diet.

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But Wheat, Dairy, Eggs and Citrus are all common culprits of numerous ailments.

To perform an elimination diet trial, stop eating the concerning food(s) for 7 days.  Eat only real foods—you know, the ones that grow from the ground (veggies, berries, nuts, seeds) or those that move around (grass fed meats, fish, foul).

Then add 1 food back in to your diet each week. It can take a few days for an eliminated item to cause symptoms to recur.  So if you stop eggs and dairy for a week and then add eggs back one day, have no symptoms, then add dairy back in, and then develop symptoms, you might deduce that dairy was the cause of your symptoms (increased mucous production, rash, whatever), when in actuality, it was the eggs, but it took 2 days for your symptoms to develop.  So allow 1 week before add ing the next items back in.

Recognize how certain foods affect your body. Do you feel fatigued the day after taking in a lot of alcohol or sugar? (um, yes)  Do you feel energized and crisp after eating a salad?  Do you feel sluggish after a fattening meal, or does a high fat high protein meal keep you full all day long?

Let me know how is goes!

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