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RANT: Roaches


This rant has nothing to do with health and wellness. And for that I apologize.  I will not, however, apologize for the full-on freak out session I had in the Philly airport bathroom when this foot-long cockroach joined me in the bathroom!  It scurried past on its creepy little legs.  I instinctively screamed and simultaneously jumped, pants at my ankles, mid-stream, urinating on my left pant leg and ankle, and crashing in to the stall wall shared by my neighbor.  Of course no one in the exceptionally crowed bathroom knew the impetus of my clamor.

I quickly tried to dry off my own urine, wipe, flush and snap this photo, which honestly doesn’t begin to capture the shear girth of this creature—those tiles are at least 36 inches wide, by the way! That thing could easily be carrying a concealed weapon, I’m just saying…(and yes I was micturating, phone in hand–as I was trying to coordinate an airport meet up with my cousins who had flown in from a cockroach free airport, thank you very much)

I tried to act as calm as possible as I exited my stall into the crowded bathroom, squishing by the puzzled looks who had heard my panicked shrieks moments earlier. I grinned as I passed her and waited to hear what the recipient of my stall thought of the terrorist cockroach I had survived, but missed her reaction as I was once again shrieking as I slipped and fell because of my urine soaked shoe. DAMN IT!

Philly Airport, you disgust me.  I expected better from a city beacon of liberty.

One comment on “RANT: Roaches

  1. Va Vanstory
    July 6, 2013

    Must be training for the beach. I would have done worse than you did.

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