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An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RULE: Find Exercise You Enjoy

Some people “hate” exercise.  Maybe they equate exercise to gasping for air while running on the treadmill, squeezed in to spandex.  I get that.  Exercise doesn’t have to = pain and suffering  (unless you’re my husband, who enjoys suffering, shown doing so in a cyclocross race here).IMG_2607

Find activities you enjoy.

If you hate running, planning to run 3 times a week to get in shape is an unrealistic goal.  If you aren’t an early riser, scheduling morning workouts sets you up for failure.

My advice is to find something that you enjoy doing. The body was made to move, now move it!


Dance, walk, hike, bike, swim.  Gardening, pushing a lawn mower, and walking the dog all count.  Even a brewcycle shown here provides exercise, as you pedal from pub to pub (shown below) And if you have an excuse for why you can’t do any of these (click here).



One comment on “RULE: Find Exercise You Enjoy

  1. tommygday
    September 1, 2013

    wow. I clicked on the “click here” link. wow

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