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RANT: Airplane Seats

airplane seats

Is it me or could there be more ergonomic airplane seats? Who designed these frigging things? Unless you are 6’3″, the headrest thrusts the back of your head forward, forcing your chin toward your chest like you are monitoring your cleavage.  While I so enjoy the jolting head bobbing that goes on when I hit deep REM’s on a plane,  I have often wished I could somehow unscrew my head and put it in my lap for the flight’s duration–that’d allow for some serious zzzz’s.  Realizing it’s unlikely I’d ever be able to safely unscrew my head and, upon landing, re-attach it effectively,  as a frequent flier, I had to take action.

And by the way, neck “pillows” don’t work– I’ve tried them all–whether it’s a $20 u-shaped bean bag or the inflatable kind (even a turgid pre-inevitable slow leak).

My husband thought it absurd when I asked him to get me a c-spine collar, you know the type they put on patients with a neck injury.  But I was snoring like an 80-year-old in a rocking chair when I donned that thing on a transcontinental flight; and then again on a transatlantic flight.  Once I got over the fact that it felt as if I was feigning injury, I slept like a hibernating bear.  Plus the chin support keeps your mouth from open mouth breathing on your seat-mate.  Which I kind of miss.

I’m telling you, if I could think of a clever name and make the c-collar look a little sexier, I’d never have an uncomfortable flight again, because A) I’d have on my “Neck-Mate” and B) I’d be traveling on my own jet, paid for by all the “Neck-Mate” profits.  Plus I’d be banking REM’s,

Is it pertinent to include this rant in a healthy nutrition blog? Um, yes. Do you make healthier choices when you’ve slept well? You’re gosh darn right you do!

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