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RANT: The Horse and the Donkey

1848R-318272That title makes it sound like this is going to be a pretty funny blog.  Well, it’s not.

It’s actually quite sad.  This blogspot is a glance at the different eating habits of the two animals.  I could have most or all of the details mixed up, but I’m pretty sure I remember my mother telling me, that if you were to leave an entire week’s worth of oats for a horse to eat it will eat it all at once and become sick and its stomache can twist around on itself and the horse can even die from it. It’s called founder. I think.

The donkey however, can be given its entire week’s worth of food, and it will parse it out as needed.

Just comparing the stereotype of a virile, athletic, powerful horse vs the clown-like donkey, you’d think it would be the reverse… 

Although you do hear (at least I do, often, usually as I’m wolfing down my meals) “She eats like a horse!”

I wish I were a donkey.  But until then, Could someone help me with this feebag?

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