Rants, Rules & Recipes

An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: Then What?

There are times during the day when I have the OVERWHELMING urge to eat something “bad” for me, usually in the form of sugar.  I historically have succumbed to this urge without compunction. If I want something sweet, I should be able to have it!? Right? But now I ask myself  “Then what?”. Because after I eat said temptation, I’ll usually just want more of it or something else sweet.  This will go on and on until I’ve eaten every sweet in the house or until I’ve eaten the rest of the cookies that the kids baked, and then I’ll have to sorrowfully explain it to them in the morning.  Or I’ll eat until I have a stomach ache or sick with guilt. Or, worse, I’ll never get the fulfillment I’m looking for, because, usually, it’s not about hunger or food at all; it’s an emotional something causing my craving.  Or more likely I’m just thirsty, but haven’t paid attention to what my body is craving and what it truly needs.

then what

So before you scarf it down, ask yourself “Then What?” will you feel fulfilled or left wanting more?

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