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RECIPE: Red Pepper Humus

My mother is often whipping up various Cuisinart creations.  This is her Red Pepper Hummus recipe. Easy and delicious!
red pepper humus
1 can chick peas drained and rinsed (to remove salt)
1/3 cup tahini (or grind your own sesame seeds)
1/4 cup lemon joice
2 T olive oil
1 clove garlic or garlic powder
1/2-3/4 cup roasted red  bell peppers  I used a whole jar including liquid
I put it into small Cuisinart

One comment on “RECIPE: Red Pepper Humus

  1. Yo Mama
    March 23, 2013

    Love it and still making it. Cilantro is also good in it.
    Thanks for the credit, Maddy B.

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