Rants, Rules & Recipes

An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: Pump the Brakes, Kid

food policeEver since I started talking more about nutrition and coaching folks to a healthier,  happier life, I’ve gotten the sense my inner circle thinks they can’t eat a donut or a hotdog if I’m around.  I feel a bit like an off-duty cop must feel, eager to get home, while people in front of him keep slamming on their brakes because a COP just pulled up behind them!

Do your thing people! I’m not here to judge or preach, just here to listen and pass along information to those who want it.

And speaking of pumping the brakes,  I simply could not stop scarfing down items in the ‘dessert section’ of my kitchen tonight.  I coulda’ used my own health coach tonight to explore what that was all about.  I couldn’t quite get my fix this evening.  I think I was still stressed from work because my last patient showed up 19 minutes late for her 20 minute appointment, with complicated medical issues.  It’s so hard in that situation to treat someone compassionately when they’ve totally jacked up your evening.  Or perhaps it’s the 29 things I’m managing at the moment, or maybe it’s because I simply didn’t get my 100 ounces of water in today.  Whatever the reason, know that even dentists forget to brush their teeth; cops speed and health coaches have cravings.  We all struggle with our issues, our patterns, and the obstacles that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves.  For those of you who want support with that, I’m here.

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