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RECIPE: Mom’s Super Salad

My mother does a good job of whipping up something from whatever she has lying ’round or whatever she can defrost.
She’s a petite lil’ lady who ‘grazes’ all day, usually on cheese and bread or veggies. Below is her recipe for a “Super Salad” she likes to make:
super salad
(her words, not mine):
romaine lettuce and lots veggies:
green onions chopped
finely cut red cabbage
grated or sliced carrots
sliced red bell pepper
edamame or chopped apple
cooked pasta (optional)
chicken if you like-recipe says debone a roasted chicken from grocery.  I use turkey from freezer–or no meat.
dressing–juice of two limes (I scrape out pulp as well)
1/4 cup sesame oil
grated ginger–three-four inch piece
huge bunch of cilantro chopped with scissors
Big salad; I use so many veggies it takes me several days to eat it all.

One comment on “RECIPE: Mom’s Super Salad

  1. virginia vanstory
    January 15, 2013

    Thanks for the credit. I also add golden raisins now. You really taste them.

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