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An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: Tis’ The Season

christmas-hollyThe holidays are a frenzy of food and family and gifts and chaos.  We often loose track of what it is all about.  Caught in the stress of having the right ‘stuff’–under the tree, on the menu, the right stuffed packed as you load up the car or suitcase for holiday travel.  Spend 3 minutes at any baggage claim or check out line and you’re likely to witness some form of melt down.

Remember this season is about Giving.  Not things, but love.  It’s about Sacrifice.  Wanting something better for others.  It’s about Faith.  Believing we are all deserving, none of us better than the other.  And believing in the higher power that guides us.  It’s about Kindness.  Be kind to each other this season.  When you are sleep deprived, and tired of having 13 people jammed in to one house, or tired of waiting in line,  think of the wonderful blessings you have.  Remember the losses suffered.  Take a moment each day to give, to be kind, to sacrifice, to love.  Truly love.

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