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An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: 5 Living Clean Tips

It blew my mind in medical school when I learned that drugs could be delivered through the skin and vaccines delivered through a nasal spray.  So cool that you could absorb things through the mucous membranes (as they’re called), breath and skin.  Until I realized that the same is true for pollutants.  The black exhaust billowing out of the dump truck in front of you also gets absorbed through your respiratory tract and skin. So do the carcinogens in your soaps, lotions and home cleaning products.  A lot of the chemicals in these products look like estrogen to our body’s hormone receptors, which is why glandular cancers (thyroid, breast, and prostate) are on the rise.
Unless you move to the Tundra, live off grubs, roots and berries and walk or bicycle only , you’re not going to be able to avoid most of the toxins out there.  However, you can make smarter purchases to limit you cancer risks at home.
1) buy skin products, shampoos, lotions and soaps that are all natural, organic, and free of the following:
sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and any ingredients with dyes and harsh chemicals (ex: yellow #5)
2) buy natural cleaning products and detergents, like Seventh Generation or Method (not Tide, Dawn, or Windex, etc)
3) buy local and/or organic fruit and organic milk; buy local grass-fed, hormone free dairy, eggs and meat
4) eat food that cleanses and detoxifies your body from the pollutants we’re exposed to—like leafy green vegetables and other foods high in antioxidants (green tea, red wine, berries, beans, green veggies, dark chocolate, etc)
5) drink filtered water in glass bottles; 1/2 of your body weight in ounces to FLUSH your system.

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