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An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RECIPE: Healthy Grain Dish that tastes like Mac & Cheese!

Mac N’ Cheese (MnCh) used to be my comfort foods of choice.  But over the years, I’ve been disappointed by most of the  Mac N’ cheeses I’ve ordered (except for my cousin, Kacki’s recipe, of course!)

Yeah, they had a delicious appearing crispy, cheesy crust, but ultimately what lie beneath, was never as savory as I’d remembered.  Now that I know refined white pastas are nutrient deficient and calorie dense, MnCh is a dish of the past.  That is …. until I concocted this deliciously simple recipe.  Combining the few remaining things I had in the kitchen—when I refused to buy more groceries before going out of town—I discovered the deliciousness of MnCh, but in a nutritionally rich recipe.

BTW Quinoa (pronounced “Keen-nwah”) is a super healthy good for you whole grain. Learn to love it! Great substitute for pasta!


1 cup Quinoa, (red or golden) cooked

1/3 goat cheese small sleeve

1/4 Tbsp of Thyme

Sea salt and ground pepper to taste

Mix all above ingredients—alter amounts to your taste

It’s that simple.

I think it’d be super tasty with edamame or arugula or broccoli or sweet potatoes cut and cubed as well!

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