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RANT: Don’t Be Fooled

Industries follow the trends.  In the 1990s, when Low carb diets became so popular, companies began offering “low carb options”.  Low carb yogurts were on the grocery shelves and low carb wraps were on fast food menus.  When we re-learned whole wheat was healthier than its more popular processed cousin, white bread, bread companies began offering “white-wheat” or “wheat” breads, that were brown in color to attract the partially informed consumer, but were not actually whole-wheat and still filled with additives.

Now “green” is all the rage. Foods and beauty products use green fonts and the term “eco”, to make you think you are getting a natural, environmentally friendly, and therefore safe product. But marketing is a cunning machine. Sexy green labels may boost sales, but the products are often just has hazardous, chemical-laden as they were when their container looked differently.

It’s like putting polka dots and clown cartoons on matches and then assuming they’re fun for kids

We, as consumers, continuously purchase canned products, reheat left overs in the Styrofoam containers they were conveniently stored in, and drink water out of plastic bottles even though all leach cancer-causing chemicals in to the food they contain.

Labels tout ‘made using 30% less plastic’, ‘no added salt’, or “healthy white wheat”, making us think we are purchasing something healthy and good for the environment, when actually, their consumption is detrimental. (zoom in on “healthy bread” ingredients)


So demand REAL and SAFE FOOD and the industry will meet your demands. Prices will fall, local industry will thrive and we as a nation will lose weight, become healthier and we’ll all live happily ever after.

2 comments on “RANT: Don’t Be Fooled

  1. Lisa C
    October 27, 2012

    When you say: “We, as consumers, continuously purchase canned products”, are you referring to Bisphenol-A (BPA)? If so, I think it is good to note that their are non-BPA cans available at Whole Foods, Kroger and maybe even soon Safeway.

    Whole foods web site: “In our store brands, our buyers are not currently accepting any new canned items with BPA in the lining material, and we have met with each of our suppliers and their can manufacturers to develop plans for their transition to non-BPA cans. Currently, 27% of the sales of our store brand canned good sales are currently of non-BPA cans, and that number continues to increase.”

    Safeway: “Many canned goods have a thin lining containing a small amount of BPA to ensure the safety of the product until a customer is ready to use the product.
    While there is no conclusive scientific evidence that this minimal exposure to
    BPA in can linings poses any risks to consumers, Safeway has begun a process
    that we believe will result in the removal of BPA in the linings of canned goods in all of our corporate brand items. We recognize that this transition will take time as
    our suppliers and manufacturers are still researching and testing feasible

    It is hard to muddle through all the details of toxins/potential toxins, the white papers, the FDA reports, the third party research. Staying away from some products is just easier but knowing there are some BPA free products is good to know.

    • rantsrulesandrecipes
      October 28, 2012

      Great point, Lisa! Great points and thanks for links, as well.
      Hard to know who to trust/what info is valid these days!

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