Rants, Rules & Recipes

An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RULE: Freeze Everything

If a friendly neighbor drops off a pound cake, and you don’t want the extra pounds its sure to give, and you can’t refuse it or toss it. Freeze it.  If you make cookies and don’t want to eat all 22 of them in one sitting (it can be done). Freeze ’em.  You don’t want the fresh whole grain bread you bought (instead of the processed junk bread) to go bad? Freeze it.  The healthy vegetables you bought as part of your new healthy lifestyle are starting to look a little tired? chop ’em up, saute ’em or make soup with them and Freeze ’em!

My mother’s freezer has everything in it from last night’s salmon, to nail polish and spices. (she claims freezing keeps the last 2 fresh).  Her freezer actually scares me, but she can whip up french toast and london broil with the touch of a defrost button!

Now, I do prefer my food fresh and unfrozen (my nail polish too for that matter), but it’s a lot easier NOT to eat the brownies, when they are out of sight, disguised as a foil ice block, deep in your freezer, instead of when they’re singing their temptations from the kitchen counter.  It’s also a lot easier to throw away the neighbor’s delectable gift when you discover it 3 years later and mistake it for meatloaf.

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