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RANT: Darwinism or Gluttonism?

If it’s there, I’m likely to eat it.

I like to think that this instinct to eat whatever is in front of me is Darwinism at work. Survival of the fittest. In the times before Chick-fil-a, if you couldn’t find a food source, you and your offspring were history.  If you couldn’t sniff out a delicious varmint or rotting carcass, you may not make it to spring, which meant you wouldn’t reproduce, which meant those weak non-food-procuring genes of yours would not be passed on for generations to come.

So my ability to sniff out a stale donut 7 suites down the hall is actually proof of my superior genes. And the fact that I will eat said stale donut, though it has about as much actual appeal as a rotting carcass, when compared to a hot-n-now krispy-kream donut, demonstrates my survival instinct.

My ability to try every item on a buffet table, or every appetizer brought to any social gathering and then re-try the really good ones, over and over, and still be able to wolf-down whatever is being served for dinner, means my offspring will be able to do the same? Right? Right?

um, yeah…not so much anymore.  Those instincts to procure food were highly useful in a time when food was scarce, but nowadays, food is everywhere. So, actually that innate drive now gives me the potential to become obese and develop diabetes, heart disease and even cancer—not so fit, evolutionarily speaking.

2 comments on “RANT: Darwinism or Gluttonism?

  1. Gas Station Gastronomy
    October 4, 2012

    Eh I still vote gluttonism … your words, not mine.

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