Rants, Rules & Recipes

An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RULE: Stop Making Excuses

EXCUSES                                                 MY HARSH RESPONSE

I don’t like vegetables”         “I don’t like wearing a seat belt, but I hear it’s good for me”

my knees hurt when I run”       “the heavier you are the more they’ll hurt”

I work too much to work out”    “do you work too much to eat? or shower? or breathe?”

I have a job and kids”                        “so do 60 million other Americans, work it out”

Stop making excuses to why you can’t exercise or why you’re putting crap in the cake-hole.

I don’t care if  “you’re on vacation”, that’s not an excuse to eat like a wooly mammoth preparing for hibernation.  While you’re on vacation are you gonna have frequent casual sex with strangers? Blow wads of money? Blow a couple of lines, a couple of sailors and maybe try some heroin too because you’re on vacation?

When you start exercising, it may hurt a little at first, you may be sore, you may be uncomfortable.  But as long as it isn’t searing pain in your chest or joints, the soreness just means you NEED IT.  You haven’t used those muscles in a while.  If you don’t USE your body you’ll LOSE it—to pounds of flesh that make it painful to move at all. (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?)

I love this one: “It’s your birthday, live a little”

Believe me, in the food department I’ve done more than live…I’ve eaten shelves of food I didn’t need (often in one sitting).  Now I’m trying to stay alive without having a heart attack, getting diabetes or a spare tire that inflates!  Hoping each birthday I’m healthier than the last!

Each year the average American gains at least 1-2 pounds. So by the time we are 30, we are already 12-20 pounds overweight.

I get it.  It’s hard to finish work and go to the gym instead of going home.  Maybe you have to plan ahead, bring a change of clothes with you and squeeze a work out in over lunch.  It’s hard to raise a family and/or work take care or yourself, but you MUST!

It can be challenging to eat local and sustainable and fresh and affordable food. Canned food has BPA and is high in sodium, frozen vegetables don’t taste as good, affordable healthy frozen dinners have additives and dang it McDonald’s fries and fresh-baked cookies just smell so good.

You don’t have to be perfect all of the time.  BUT PLEASE STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

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