Rants, Rules & Recipes

An Effort to End Nutritional Ignorance

RANT: Sugar is Crack


A few of my girlfriends love candy. Not chocolate, but candy. I never understood this.  One friend, coincidently a Dentist, especially loves the sugary, teeth-decaying type; like Swedish fish or gummy-anything. Not me. Give me chocolate and peanut butter over a gum drop any day of the week. Raspberry sorbet could never battle chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream with Butterfinger topping.

Adorable dentist friend and I lived together one summer and while, at that time, I would never dream of buying a snickers bar (because they are so calorie dense and oh so good), she bought them… daily.

She would take one or two bites and then hand it to me and say, “Do you want this?”.

Um, does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? Yes, I want it!  Me letting a perfectly good, OPENED snickers bar go to waste was about as likely as me joining the Vienna boys choir. How can someone with a pincer grasp and a functioning jaw not finish a 4 1/2 inch candy bar?

So why is it, I wouldn’t buy a snickers bar, but once opened, I would devour it? How can a gallon of ice cream, unopened, remain fairly safely in the fridge for weeks (provided there are other desserts to distract me) but once opened, I will polish it off within 2-3 days (or minutes)?

It’s because to me, Sugar is Crack. I have a little taste,  I need a little more.  Next thing you know I’m tearing through cabinets, hand bags and my freezer; I’ll even leave the house to go lookin for a fix.

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