I spent decades eating huge portions of processed food.  I wasted too many years wishing my body looked different. Fortunately, through much struggle with stress, food and sugar addiction, I learned how to manage my emotional eating.  Put simply, once I connected how I felt with how I nourished myself, being fit, living well and loving my body became easy.

The Well & Balanced Health program is for anyone who struggles with weight, tension, low energy, decreased libido or decreased satisfaction with any aspect of their life.

Well & Balanced Health is for anyone curious how to best feed themselves or their families.  It’s for people wanting to truly feel fulfilled; and for those who want to live happily and healthfully.

I am not a writer, by no means a chef.  I am a physician, health coach and counselor, a wife, a parent, a friend, an athlete, and a lover of food.

I strive to eat real food and seek ease in life.  Let’s work together to find your happiest, healthiest self!




    1. Are you kidding?! I didn’t eat a vegetable until my 30s!
      Thankfully have learned to love them–especially now that I know how nourishing they are.
      WHat made you “come form the sugar camp?)
      Have you seen Food Matters? Food inc?
      thanks for the follow–and do let me know what’s important to you!

      1. Well…luckily I liked veggies fine–I just had to learn to omit dairy, wheat, and sugar! Then eggs and nuts…fortunately not food altogether! Seriously, slow transit constipation, lifelong. Ahem. Yeah. My husband and I are a two physician family, and I got time to stay home and homeschool my kids. So I decided to make time to read about my problem. Put my family on a whole-food, dairy free, grain free diet, and whammo–most problems cured (allergies, sinusitis, childhood constipation, some ADHD type symptoms, chronic cough, headaches, etc). Some problems still getting there. Made me and my hubby a believer. I have not checked out Food Matters or Food Inc. Will add to the list. Good luck!

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